Thursday, November 28, 2013

Treasures found during weekend garage sales on Treasure Coast

It has been a while since I have posted to my blog. This does not mean I have not found any treasures along the Treasure Coast of Florida.  But just like any great author, I have had a long writer's block. I figured I better post something fresh on here before Google decides to de-index this blog.

In the past couple of months, I have attended some nice Estate Sales and some very well put together garage sales. Here is a list of some of the good and interesting items I discovered.

Now normally I am looking for cool vintage or antique stuff. But at garage sales you may stumble on some things that are useful to a certain degree. That was the case with the E-Plate I found unopened at a local garage sale here on the Treasure Coast.  Makes for good passive advertising when driving around town. I have yet to install it though so right now it is not serving its intended purpose.
Front of unopened E-Plate

I found this next treasure at an estate sale that was run by the son or grandson. Hey I didn't ask but I knew from listening to him talk to the other patrons that he was a relative. The house was advertised as containing over 60 years worth of goodies and boy did it live up to the 60 years part. The first item here is a Sears Easi-Load Super 8 MM movie projector.  This was probably sold some where between the 1950's and 1960's.
Sears Easi-Load Super 8 MM
Sears Easi-Load Super 8 MM
Sears Easi-Load Super 8 MM controls
Sears Projector Model 584.92000
Sears Projector Model 584.92000
Sears projector Easi-Load Super 8 MM Side view
Sears projector Easi-Load Super 8 MM Side view
Also found these unopened vintage fast food McDonald's toys.

Vintage fast food McDonalds toys
Vintage fast food McDonald's toys
Vintage fast food McDonalds Barbie toy
Vintage fast food McDonald's Barbie toy
These next set of Tonka emergency vehicle toys I found at a local moving sale. The person actually had more of  the Tonka and Hot Wheels cars but the Hot Wheels were gone by the time I showed up and the remaining cars were too much to pay for in my opinion.

Tonka emergency vehicles
Tonka emergency vehicles
Honorable mention: North Carolina Cherokee ashtray. I call this my honorable mention because it can never be sold or used again. I bought it dirt cheap at a local garage sale then put it away in my storage unit. Then one day I opened up the door and out comes tumbling down and breaking into many pieces was this ashtray. Oh well I guess that is a sign for me because I am not a user of tobacco products anyway. But this looked like a great collector's item and it was not even used.

I will post these on my eBay account in the upcoming days so please stay tuned if you are interested in obtaining any of them.

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