Friday, September 6, 2013

Tick, Tock I sold my antique French clock

Tick, Tock sold my antique French clock on the Treasure Coast

     A while back I bought an antique French made clock from estate sale I attended in Vero Beach, Florida. The person running the estate sale talked me into buying it by describing to me how unique an item it is and that she personally owned two of these types of clocks. So I went ahead and bought it.  After I inspected it a little she discounted the price on it I said what the heck!
Front of antique French clock with porcelain face
     After searching the Internet, this clock did not resemble the "castle clock" that I believed was described to me. No big deal I figured maybe I just misunderstood. But all I kept coming up with was carriage clocks and wall clocks that resembled what I had in my possession. I also did not find any that included mercury as part of the pendulum.
Inside antique French made clock showing alarm bell
Finally, I decided to take it to a local clock repair shop, Clocks by Hollis (Facebook), and see what I really had on my hands. The owner Phillip explained it was a French made clock and that it was made of real brass. It was in pretty rough shape cosmetically speaking but he stated he could restore it back. He did advised that this clock fully restored could be valued for about $600. So selling it was a win-win situation for us both.
Side view of inside of my antique French made clock
Inside of antique French made clock working

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