Sunday, June 9, 2013

Who are the ANIMALBOTS that were sold at Lillian Vernon?

Who or what is an ANIMALBOT?

Animalbot 1993 from Lillian Vernon

So I went to the local thrift store recently on my own version of The Toyhunter to see if there were anything worth taking home. While searching I ran across some TY Beanie Babies still on the card unopened. Also
saw a forty niner train set but I checked out eBay and found a few of those listed for sale and only a couple previously sold at $.99 and 1 under $18. But every now and then you will run into a toy you have never seen or played with as a child. And this is where this Animalbot toy comes into play.

Animalbot by Lillian Vernon
All animalbots joined together to make the big 1 bot
3 in One Animalbot
Animalbot cover box
Now I have seen Transformers and Gobots. And then there is the almighty Voltron. But Animalbots is a first for me. I could not find it anywhere during a simple google search for the name. I called the number on the box and of course it is disconnected. Then I called the customer service phone number for Lillian Vernon and gave the rep the name of this toy and asked did they have it or do they have it in stock. And to no surprise it was not found. I then posted on The if anyone has seen this toy. I received 1 response and they suggested since it was made in Taiwan it could be a possible knock-off of some sort. This could be either a custom piece, rare toy bot or a knock-off of some really cool transforming toy robot.

Animalbot by Lillian Vernon
Lillian Vernon label

Animalbot Eagle. Lillian Vernon
Eagle Animalbot
Weapons for Animalbot by Lillian Vernon.
Animalbot weapons

This 3 In One Animalbot toy goes from robot, to animal to a train and then can be put together like Voltron and make one big giant toy robot. Pretty cool, huh? I still have the original box that comes with it along with the manual and stickers unopened. All pieces seem to be accounted. I wanted to try and put it together but I am afraid I may break something so I will just leave it as display. Eventually, this Animalbot toy by Lillian Vernon will be placed on my eBay listing for sale. So keep looking out. And if anyone knows anything about this unique toy please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


  1. This a knock off (counterfit), maybe remold, of brave combiner robot LINER DAGWON.

  2. Hello there, I know this is an old blog post but I was curious to know if it is still available for sale? Please let me know whenever you get this and thanks for your time. -Mike.


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