Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weekend grabs at an estate sale and 3 garage sales include Vintage Sesame Street Sign Language book

This weekend found me at an estate sale and 3 garage sales within beautiful Treasure Coast Florida. As you can see from the picture below is a sample of what was acquired. In this time around, I ended up getting more books than I usually do because of the estate sale I visited. Hopefully I can pass them on to someone that will find some value in them as well.

Treasures from the Treasure Coast of Florida
Goodies from estate and garage sales
From the first garage sale I grabbed a Crowning Touch Collection Floral bell that was made in Japan and  a vintage Betty Crocker's cookbook New and Revised Edition copyright 1978, 1969 by General Mills. The book is in great condition and only looks like it just has a little shelf wear.
Betty Crocker cookbook and Crowning Touch collection floral bell
Betty Crocker and Crowning Touch Collection floral bell
And from the next garage sale hunt, I found 2 unopened vintage Barbie toys and a great deal on five books. Now, I am not a Barbie fan nor a serious collector of them. But I do know that others seek out these timeless classics. Especially when they are still in the box. I am very surprised to find such a collectible Americana icon this old still in the package.

Vintage Barbie Collector Card Holder unopened
Barbie Girl Collector Card Holder still in the box
Forever Barbie Wedding Miniature collectibles
Wedding Barbie from Forever Barbie Miniature Collectibles
So my next venture took me to a very nice estate sale. I gawked over plenty of nice Rosenthal fine Chinaware. I even saw some vintage or possibly antique furniture.  Seems like there were vintage books for days but there is no way one could take them all. Plus books are a very hard re-sell unless you know someone that is looking for a particular edition.  I also passed by some collectible Smurf drinking glasses *sigh* should have inquired about those after doing some more research online. I headed on into the Library room of the estate sale which also contained vintage 8 MM movie projectors and 8 MM movie film editors. Some of them look as though they were missing some pieces so I kindly passed by them. Being that my early childhood was captured on 8 MM film I was really trying to hunt down a working projector. As I walked around the room I saw a boy playing with one of the projectors. I did not see this one and when he opened it up I though OMG that looks like a great working projector. Man I was wishing that he would leave and stop  "playing" with it. Then about 5 minutes later his dad came in and asked him what did he find? Just my luck, a father and son vintage 8 MM projector seeking team!! Oh, well! I told the dad that I was looking at the projector and it appeared to be a great find.  But I did end up with a nice working 8 MM film editor.  A Walz Movie Editor III made in Japan.

Vintage Walz Movie Editor III
Vintage Walz Movie Editor III
Sesame Street Sign Language Fun book with Linda Bove
Sesame Street Sign Language Fun book with Linda Bove

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