Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sony Walkman Sports portable cassette tape and radio player

Sony Walkman Sports Portable Cassette Tape Player

No your eyes are not deceiving you. This is an "old school" Sony Walkman cassette tape and radio player. I found this nice piece while garage sale picking on the Treasure Coast last weekend. I still have a ton of cassette tapes but did not want to discard them without listening to what was recording on them. That is the ones without labels. And I did sell a cassette tape on eBay without verifying that the artist on the cover was the actual artist on the tape. Turns out that it had been recorded over with another group. I blogged about it in BDP was a dud. Whoopsie!
Sony Sports Walkman cassette tape and radio player
Closeup of missing radio dial label
If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the white radio dial in view. But what you do not see is the radio label that includes the stations.(Insert Price is Right loser music here) I strictly wanted this just to listen to my old tapes anyway. I mean they stopped including them in newer cars, whodathunk!? 
Inside Sony Sports Walkman cassette player
Inside Sony Sports Walkman cassette player
And as you can see this is the inside of the cassette tape player. All parts are working just as normal. I have listened to more than just the tapes that I have listed on my eBay listings. 

Sony Walkman Sports tape player
Sony Walkman Sports Cassette Player
Even the back of the player is in excellent condition with no scratches or scuff marks. The little belt clip holder is in place and sturdy and is still usable. So if you really want to get the throwback feeling and jog with your Sony Walkman then you are good to go. Although I doubt if people still jog with these devices today.
Anyway let me know if you have questions?

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