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Vintage 1983/84 Atari Age magazines featuring the Atari 2600

Today I am hoping to post many of my old Atari Age and Apple IIe magazines on my eBay listings. My Atari Age magazines especially because they are over 30 years old and are starting to show the test of time. Still good reading even if they are not talking about current events.
Atari Age May/June 1983 Volume 2 Issue 1
Atari Age May/June 1983

The condition on this issue is probably considered fair to good. It is a little rough around the edges of the magazine where it appears to have been held together by staples since it was first published. Also the very top of this magazine has tiny tear marks on it. Steve Morgenstern is the editor. It talks about the then Atari Trak-Ball controller which I'll admit I wanted one at the time. Also Atari Safari promotion and the Atari Video Cube which looks similar to the Rubik's Cube game. There is even a "sneak peek" article in it that talks about adding a keyboard to the Atari 2600 system.

Atari Age July/August 1983 

The July/August 1983 issue is in very good condition. There are no obvious tears, rips or nibbles around or in it.  Apparently, an order form has been ripped out most likely when I first received as child and ordered something from the Atari club. I remember not ever owning the Atari 2600 I only had the Atari 5200 so these magazines had a pretty broad audience back in the day. Steve Morgenstern was the editor for this issue as well. In the sneak peek section, Atari introduces 4 brand new home computers.

Atari Age September/October 1983
This September/October issue is in good condition. The back cover is a little off but it is not torn or ripped in any fashion. I have a picture of the back cover on the main website. Page 17 is missing some kind of order form to fill out and give to friends to join. There is an article that talks about Atari reorganization because of the fierce competitive nature of the video gaming market. Jim Morgan was hired on as CEO then when Raymond E. Kassar resigned.

Atari Age Volume 2 Issue 4
Atari Age November 1983/February 1984

This Atari Age issue is in great condition. Flipping through it I see that all the order forms are still part of this issue. Near the end of the magazine, is some marketing for Atari 5200 games. It reads 5200 Flashback and discusses games like Pengo, Robotron: 2094, Berzerk and Moon Patrol.

Atari Age Volume 2 Issue 5
Atari Age March/April 1984

The final issue for this volume. If you are true retro gamer into retro gaming, then you might recognize the picture on this last issue. Yup! You guessed it. Battlezone! It was a very popular game back in  the 80's. The cover on this book is a little lose almost like the first issue. Apparently they used some cheap staples to hold the magazines together.

These magazines have been SOLD SOLD SOLD already on eBay. If you still need to get your Atari 2600 game fix on or other versions check out Atari on eBay.

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