Sunday, April 28, 2013

This weekend's garage sales treasures from the Treasure Coast

Almost every weekend I check out the yard sales on the Treasure Coast and then compare to what I see other bloggers find from their locales. In my humble opinion, I have found some pretty good treasures thus far.

For instance, this weekend I found more antique tea cups, saucers, tea lid and some type of bowl I have yet to distinguish. It is a Bone China set from the Royal Albert Trillium collection. Check out how much replacements LTD is replacing them. But these are pretty nice set and can make a great gift for the tea party enthusiasts. I also picked up a very nice in excellent condition jewelry stand. It has a couple of scuffs on it but nothing that would make it non-functional. And from the same yard sale, I came across 4 vintage cookbooks with 3 of them the Betty Crocker's brand. There was a huge never been open poster of Jamaican born and Reggae music icon Bob Marley with umm something in his mouth but it was not food if you know what I mean. I passed on it to pick up a Sony Walkman yellow sports cassette tape player because I have come tapes I want to verify on it before selling them on eBay.

I acquired a Next Power Climber women's bicycle with a Schwinn seat from a storage auction. This was the first one I won but to be honest I did not expect to win it. And this was a silent bid auction so that is probably why it happened that way. I consider myself still in the learning phase and hope I did not upset any of the regulars if they really wanted that unit. So far I have met a couple of them and they turned out to be nice and friendly. Nothing like how the Storage Wars on A and E network portrays it.

Vintage cookbooks from Betty Crocker and Better Homes
Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbooks
Yellow Sony Sports Cassette and Radio Walkman
Yellow Sony Sports Cassette and Radio Walkman
Black Jewelry Stand
Black Jewelry Stand closed

Black Jewelry Stand
Black Jewelry Stand opened

Royal Albert Bone China tea cup
Royal Albert Bone China tea cup
Pink Next power climber bicycle with a Schwinn seat
Next Power Climber bicycle with a Schwinn seat

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