Monday, April 15, 2013

No treasures found this weekend but did find some goodies

This weekend was a pretty wet one around the Treasure Coast. This may have caused some garage sales to be canceled on part of the weekend and some just ended earlier than normal. So, unfortunately, no unique items to talk about here. I did get a chance to canvas Vero Beach which there was a community hosted garage sale. I only checked out one house in this area and the lady was asking for $85 for an unopened never been used NuWave Pro appliance.  She also added that it was given to her as a gift so she was marking it down. I politely said "No thanks!". I didn't want to use it and I don't think I could have flipped it for a decent profit on eBay.

On Saturday, I attended another storage unit auction. This is about my fifth storage unit auction so far this year. And by the way, they are not anything like on Storage Wars thank goodness. Some of the units were stuffed pretty good with items but since I didn't have my partner with me I did not take a chance on bidding.

Here is a list of some of the items I purchased at two different garage sales this weekend:

  • Table desk with drawers and shelf space: 
    Table desk with drawers and shelf space
    Table desk 
  • Seven unused mason jars. With  these jars I plan on going over to thekitchn and learn how to make herb-infused honey
  • Spiderman and Batman action figures:
    Batman and Spiderman action figures
    Hi, I'm Batman! Standing next to web slinger
  • Disney Pixar Cars wallet: Free
    Plain looking Disney Pixar Cars wallet
    Disney Pixar Cars fancy wallet
  • Hello, Kitty mini purse: 
    Hello, Kitty purple looking purse
    Hello, Kitty purse with red, white and purple stripes
  • Left Behind II: Tribulation Force on VHS: Free. Based on book 2 of the Left Behind book series. The movie features actor Kirk Cameron, the child star from the 80's sitcom Growing Pains, in this action/drama christian movie. I have the first 8 books of the 16 book series Left Behind from another garage sale. I plan on posting those soon maybe this week.
Left Behind II: Tribulation Force with Kirk Cameron
VHS movie. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

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