Friday, April 12, 2013

Collectible Riddell Pocket Chrome N.Y. Giants mini Helmet Super Bowl XXV

Riddell Pocket Chrome mini Helmet

Riddell mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
Front Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
I found this little collectible gem at a local garage sale. Never really paid attention to these things but since it was an unopened item I figured i'd take a look at it. Looking from the outside the mini helmet is in excellent shape. The hard plastic that is protecting it has small dents in it on the side that shows the final score of the game. Maybe a Buffalo Bills fan dented it up? The other side with the Giants written across is not dented up as much. None of the packing has been open, torn, or ripped in anyway. On the bottom, it states to collect all 32 teams so this would just be one out of the remaining 31.

Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
Back Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet

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