Monday, April 1, 2013

Buying books and magazines at yard sales

A couple of weeks ago at a yard sale I attended, I stumbled upon someone selling a bunch of books? Buying used books is tricky and selling them of course can be even trickier. The tips that I follow when buying books from a yardsale are:
  • Magazine(s)/Book(s) should be in great to excellent condition. 
  • No obvious signs of wear and tear. Certain "vintage" magazine(s)/book(s) might be the exception
  • If you are lucky has the author's autograph and dated
  • Is a hard to find collector's edition
  • If it is part of a series try to buy all the series or buy them over time
  • Still has original covering or has been sealed and kept in factory condition
  • And must be deeply discounted
I once tried to sell a book to an older customer, who is about 20 years my senior, to which she replied that she doesn't buy books any more since she read them electronically on devices like the Kindle. Isn't that the irony? You would think the younger generation would scoff at reading books lol but no it was the older wiser person saying "books schmooks". At any rate, I am a collector of certain books and still don't mind holding them in my hand and flipping pages. But reading electronically is cool too I guess. 

For what it's worth I have sold a couple of books on eBay that I have listed on my blog. Most recently, 2 earlier writings by Yvonne Mason I posted. I did not sell my old school bent up Buck Rogers giant movie book. I will list that again hopefully soon. 

Most definitely this week I have to list Atari Age, Apple InCider, Nibbler, and Apple A+ magazines. Then I have 2 lots of books in Star Trek some about the characters and at least one by Leonard Nimoy. And finally, I have 8 books out of 16 of the Left Behind book series.

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