Monday, April 29, 2013

B Angie B - from MC Hammer's Bust It! Records label

Hip-Hop and Soul artist B Angie B

B Angie B cassette tape for sale on eBay
B Angie B cassette tape
Hey Generation Xers do you remember this beautiful singer from back in the day with MC Hammer. She not only did some backup vocals for the Hammer but she was one of the lead singers with the group Oaktown 357 best remembered for "Juicy Gotcha Crazy"  which one can find on YouTube. Later on MC Hammer started his own record label called Bust It! and this is where this album/cassette was produced. One of the hits from this album was a remake "I don't want to lose your love", the Emotions.

B Angie B is still on the music scene according to her official website. Although it seems to have been awhile I have heard her, listening to her music from her site she still has a great voice. Take a trip down memory lane with B Angie B as I will post this excellent condition cassette tape for sale in my eBay listings.
Songs on this cassette tape:
Side 1
              1. I Am Angie B
              2. Pump it Up
              3. Sweet Thang
              4. A Woman's Perspective
              5. I'm So Sorry
Side 2
              1. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love
              2. Men Get Lonely
              3. So Much Love
              4. This is a Jam For You
              5. My Prayer to You

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