Monday, April 29, 2013

B Angie B - from MC Hammer's Bust It! Records label

Hip-Hop and Soul artist B Angie B

B Angie B cassette tape for sale on eBay
B Angie B cassette tape
Hey Generation Xers do you remember this beautiful singer from back in the day with MC Hammer. She not only did some backup vocals for the Hammer but she was one of the lead singers with the group Oaktown 357 best remembered for "Juicy Gotcha Crazy"  which one can find on YouTube. Later on MC Hammer started his own record label called Bust It! and this is where this album/cassette was produced. One of the hits from this album was a remake "I don't want to lose your love", the Emotions.

B Angie B is still on the music scene according to her official website. Although it seems to have been awhile I have heard her, listening to her music from her site she still has a great voice. Take a trip down memory lane with B Angie B as I will post this excellent condition cassette tape for sale in my eBay listings.
Songs on this cassette tape:
Side 1
              1. I Am Angie B
              2. Pump it Up
              3. Sweet Thang
              4. A Woman's Perspective
              5. I'm So Sorry
Side 2
              1. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love
              2. Men Get Lonely
              3. So Much Love
              4. This is a Jam For You
              5. My Prayer to You

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

This weekend's garage sales treasures from the Treasure Coast

Almost every weekend I check out the yard sales on the Treasure Coast and then compare to what I see other bloggers find from their locales. In my humble opinion, I have found some pretty good treasures thus far.

For instance, this weekend I found more antique tea cups, saucers, tea lid and some type of bowl I have yet to distinguish. It is a Bone China set from the Royal Albert Trillium collection. Check out how much replacements LTD is replacing them. But these are pretty nice set and can make a great gift for the tea party enthusiasts. I also picked up a very nice in excellent condition jewelry stand. It has a couple of scuffs on it but nothing that would make it non-functional. And from the same yard sale, I came across 4 vintage cookbooks with 3 of them the Betty Crocker's brand. There was a huge never been open poster of Jamaican born and Reggae music icon Bob Marley with umm something in his mouth but it was not food if you know what I mean. I passed on it to pick up a Sony Walkman yellow sports cassette tape player because I have come tapes I want to verify on it before selling them on eBay.

I acquired a Next Power Climber women's bicycle with a Schwinn seat from a storage auction. This was the first one I won but to be honest I did not expect to win it. And this was a silent bid auction so that is probably why it happened that way. I consider myself still in the learning phase and hope I did not upset any of the regulars if they really wanted that unit. So far I have met a couple of them and they turned out to be nice and friendly. Nothing like how the Storage Wars on A and E network portrays it.

Vintage cookbooks from Betty Crocker and Better Homes
Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbooks
Yellow Sony Sports Cassette and Radio Walkman
Yellow Sony Sports Cassette and Radio Walkman
Black Jewelry Stand
Black Jewelry Stand closed

Black Jewelry Stand
Black Jewelry Stand opened

Royal Albert Bone China tea cup
Royal Albert Bone China tea cup
Pink Next power climber bicycle with a Schwinn seat
Next Power Climber bicycle with a Schwinn seat

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More from this past weekend's garage sales

So this past Sunday I went to 3 garage sales on the Treasure Coast. The first sale I attended did not have anything of quality in my opinion. Many of the items were dirty and had water stains on them. Worth more personal to the owners than to me or any person buying used items from my eBay site.

The second garage sale seemed to only have some high-end furniture home decor remaining. The owner said most of the small items had been sold the previous day. There was a nice table with lion emblems on each end. The thick glass tops that go inside them were in his trailer and he stated they were too heavy to take out for display. He did mention that these items were from a relatives home staging company that did some work for pro football player down in Miami. I wanted to ask which football player but I thought that might be a bit too nosey. I did find some very large handmade wood carved animal masks that were made in India.

Handmade from wood elephant mask - India
Handmade wood carved Elephant mask made in India
Handmade wood carved Giraffe mask made in India
Handmade wood carved Giraffe mask made in India

Handmade wood carved Leopard mask made in India
Handmade wood carved Leopard mask made in India

The third and final house was one of the best houses I have visited for a garage sale. In fact I went inside to view the items for sale.

Custom Bamboo Table
Bamboo table

Custom bench with Italian marble
Custom bench with Italian marble

regent sheffield knives
Regent Sheffield knives
Mayors swivel clock
Mayors swivel clock

Crystal salt and pepper shaker
Crystal salt and pepper shaker
Grace china tea set
Grace china tea set

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Original Xbox console with power, TV adapter cords, game controller S and a couple of Original Xbox games

Microsoft's Original Xbox game console

Ahh yeah! The original Xbox that started it all. This game system may be considered vintage in electronic game years, but it still can rock with the rest of the young bucks. There are still plenty of good games to play with it. So why get rid of a good thing you ask? Because I Have to Sell Everything! :) And I found this at a local garage sale along with PS2 and a couple of Nintendo games cubes. Now I like playing games, but there is no way I will be able to keep up with them like that. So 1st up to bat is the original Xbox by Microsoft.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Early start to garage sales this weekend

Rites of Autumn, Harley Davidson book, La Cosa Nostra DVD
Sample of early Treasure Coast hunting
There were plenty of garage sales pickings going on today for the early birds. I passed over a couple unopened small items only to go back and find they were already sold. I saw a lot of tools being sold and they looked to be in great condition. But some of the asking price was too high for me so I kindly passed. I did settle on some smalls. Hopefully, I will be able to flip through these quickly. There were some collectible Disney Store mini beanie babies. Also some remington truck collectibles. Another house has a bunch of Hess trucks still in the box. But the price was not right for me. Here is what I ended up with:

          • Complete set of La Cosa Nostra Mafia DVDs
          • Harley Davidson Myth & Mystique book
          • A like new baby bag that is clean and excellent condition
          • Rites of Autumn collection on VHS never been opened

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

DreamWorks - Rise of the Guardians - movie memorabilia keyrings featuring Jack Frost, North, Tooth, Bunnymund, Sandman and Pitch

Rise of the Guardians collectible keyrings

I have acquired more of these Rise of the Guardians collectible keyrings and will sell them on eBay starting today. I plan on listing them as a buy now instead of letting the buyer wait for 10 days until the auction is over. Hopefully they will sell quickly since I am not using them.

Since I only have one Jack Frost keyring remaining, I will sell just one complete collection of the 6 main characters.
Rise of the Guardians keyring collection
Rise of the Guardians movie keyring collection

Get your game on with Rise of the Guardians video games.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disney Character keyrings collection: Snow White, Cinderella, Winnie, Tigger and Tinker Bell

Disney character keyring collections

I have a few Disney character key rings that I will post on eBay tomorrow night for 7 day auction and possibly a buy now price. These are collectibles but I do not have the complete collection. So anybody missing one of the keyrings from their collection can buy it from my listings
Here is what I will list:

Disney's Snow White collectible keyring
 Disney's Snow White princess collectible keyring
Disney's Cinderella collectible keyring
Disney's Cinderella princess collectible keyring

Disney's Tinker Bell collectible keyring
Disney's Tinker Bell princess collectible keyring

Disney's Winnie the Pooh collectible keyring
Disney's Winnie the Pooh collectible keyring

Disney's Tigger from Winnie the Pooh collectible keyring
Disney's Tigger from Winnie the Pooh collectible keyring
I also have some keyring movie memorabilia from Rise of the Guardians collection which will include a Jack Frost merchandise keyring. I will post those up next and also list them on my i Have to $ell EVERYTHING eBay listing.
The above key-chains have been SOLD.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

No treasures found this weekend but did find some goodies

This weekend was a pretty wet one around the Treasure Coast. This may have caused some garage sales to be canceled on part of the weekend and some just ended earlier than normal. So, unfortunately, no unique items to talk about here. I did get a chance to canvas Vero Beach which there was a community hosted garage sale. I only checked out one house in this area and the lady was asking for $85 for an unopened never been used NuWave Pro appliance.  She also added that it was given to her as a gift so she was marking it down. I politely said "No thanks!". I didn't want to use it and I don't think I could have flipped it for a decent profit on eBay.

On Saturday, I attended another storage unit auction. This is about my fifth storage unit auction so far this year. And by the way, they are not anything like on Storage Wars thank goodness. Some of the units were stuffed pretty good with items but since I didn't have my partner with me I did not take a chance on bidding.

Here is a list of some of the items I purchased at two different garage sales this weekend:

  • Table desk with drawers and shelf space: 
    Table desk with drawers and shelf space
    Table desk 
  • Seven unused mason jars. With  these jars I plan on going over to thekitchn and learn how to make herb-infused honey
  • Spiderman and Batman action figures:
    Batman and Spiderman action figures
    Hi, I'm Batman! Standing next to web slinger
  • Disney Pixar Cars wallet: Free
    Plain looking Disney Pixar Cars wallet
    Disney Pixar Cars fancy wallet
  • Hello, Kitty mini purse: 
    Hello, Kitty purple looking purse
    Hello, Kitty purse with red, white and purple stripes
  • Left Behind II: Tribulation Force on VHS: Free. Based on book 2 of the Left Behind book series. The movie features actor Kirk Cameron, the child star from the 80's sitcom Growing Pains, in this action/drama christian movie. I have the first 8 books of the 16 book series Left Behind from another garage sale. I plan on posting those soon maybe this week.
Left Behind II: Tribulation Force with Kirk Cameron
VHS movie. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Collectible Riddell Pocket Chrome N.Y. Giants mini Helmet Super Bowl XXV

Riddell Pocket Chrome mini Helmet

Riddell mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
Front Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
I found this little collectible gem at a local garage sale. Never really paid attention to these things but since it was an unopened item I figured i'd take a look at it. Looking from the outside the mini helmet is in excellent shape. The hard plastic that is protecting it has small dents in it on the side that shows the final score of the game. Maybe a Buffalo Bills fan dented it up? The other side with the Giants written across is not dented up as much. None of the packing has been open, torn, or ripped in anyway. On the bottom, it states to collect all 32 teams so this would just be one out of the remaining 31.

Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet
Back Mini Pocket Chrome Helmet

Check my eBay listings.

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