Monday, March 4, 2013

What's on eBay so far....

As of yesterday March 3, 2013, I have submitted on eBay both vintage Batman (1989) movie related posters and vintage Karate Kid 3 movie banner. All starting at the very low price of $.99.  I am sure somewhere they are worth more than $.99 but hey who knows? Sometimes priceless items don't get seen on eBay as quickly as possible or as much as possible. Just as long as they end up with someone else who can appreciate them more than I did.

I have about 1 day remaining for my handheld plug and play Frogger arcade game for the TV. No bids on it yet so maybe these simple type of games are not as popular and the new generation games like Microsoft's Xbox 360. I actually played the Frogger arcade game on Xbox. For me it did not live up to the classic Frogger back in the day when you had to get your lazy but up and go find an arcade :). 

Anyway, speaking of Xbox 360 games, I just found an unopened Halo 3 collectors edition in a steel case an still in the original factory plastic seal. I already listed that one since it seems like people are still buying it.In fact, I listed it so quick that I forgot to update the website and list it under console games section. Maybe I can get at least half my money back on this Xbox game. Most places that allow you to trade in pre-owned game will give you a couple of dollars in return. And then they turn right around and sell it on eBay :). Hmm imagine that!

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