Sunday, March 10, 2013

What to sell next?

I still have not decided what I should sell next on my eBay listing. It's not from a lack of things to sell either. I still have some items did not sell at all from over a month ago. I may try and re-list them and see if I can get a buyer. Seems like the books are harder to sell on eBay unless they are vintage, rare, collectible or has the autograph of the author in it in some capacity.

Top of Apple Mac LC II
I also still have the hand carved African masks from Kenya that I have not listed yet.  But I do have plenty of computer items remaining. Such as my Apple Mac LC II with Monitor, mouse and 2 Apple keyboards and an Image Writer printer I used with my Apple IIe computer before it was stolen from a storage I had in Tampa, FL. There are some peripherals I still have from just regular PCs that are not in use. If I cannot sell those then I will give them to the recycling man. A couple of porcelain dolls that were boxed up but the packaging has not kept over time. These dolls still look good and have not been moved out of the original container and stand.

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