Friday, March 15, 2013

Solar Power kit: the alternative energy source

Picture of Solar Deluxe Educational Kit unopened
Unopened never been used Solar kit
Well at least I hope mankind can harness energy from the sun more efficiently than we do with energy produced and consumed on planet Earth. So I found this kit at good ole Radio Shack. I was in there originally to buy a lithium battery. I have an Apple Mac LC II that was not powering on and I really wasn't sure if it was a malfunction within the hardware or just simply the lithium battery was dead. Heck! I had the thing since probably late 90's and never even had to replace that battery. But anyway I digress. So I started looking around just to see what kind of kits that had in stock. I'm into learning Solar and how to get off the grid type of guy. At least in theory for now. I believe in it so much I bought a domain name hack: It's not a full working website yet but I do have aspirations. So this kit which has an age range starting at 8 was bought to inspire not just me but anybody who would find it interesting. I am still interested but because of my busy schedule I am going to have to hold off on some of my solar aspirations. Forgive me.

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