Saturday, March 16, 2013

The porcelain sisters

The porcelain sisters
No I don't play with dolls. But I sure like to collect collectibles. And that's why I still have these 2 little cuties. People actually collect these and put them on display and name them and pass them on to the next generation. I am talking about porcelain dolls baby! They initially were still in the original box unopened and uninterrupted. But as time went on and things get tossed around unexpectedly, the box feel apart and only 1 still has her original paper work. I am not sure how valuable these dolls are without their certificate of authenticity but only 1 remains. I will still post these on my eBay account for the lucky person that will find some value in these 2 cuties. Should I sell 1 or both together? Really hate to see these 2 sisters break up.

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