Monday, March 4, 2013

I still have my Buck Rogers Giant Movie Comic book

Buck Rogers Giant Movie book front cover
Cover of Buck Rogers Giant Movie book
No bye bye for old "Bucky" boy Rogers. I guess maybe it was bad timing or not enough views to render a bid on this classic 70's back to the future hero. Funny thing is, I have had this book since about the 5th grade and it stayed put in one safe spot untouched for years in my childhood home. Then as life happens the founders that brought you in this world pass on. And items and childhood belongings get moved and removed and moved around again. the book is bent a little but its not in terrible shape. It's only been bent out of shape within the past 3 or 4 years.

Buck Rogers Giant Movie book back cover
Back of Buck Rogers Giant Movie book
As you can tell both the front and back covers are slightly bent but no major rips or tears on the front or back covers. It actually makes for a nice read for anyone interested in researching comics of this style back in the seventies. I was very big fan of the TV series when it aired back in the late seventies and early eighties. Years later when I became an adult, I watched the reruns and realized how corny this show had been. But it is all good because it is still entertaining. I mean you can only predict so much how the future is going to be without incorporating the current times into it. For instance, when ever there was a scene for some type of party or dancing you can tell it was heavily influenced by  the current music of the day i.e. disco.

Here are some more pictures from the actual book:

Someone please save poor Buck Rogers before he is recycled into oblivion.

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