Monday, March 25, 2013

Author Yvonne Mason inscribed book for sale on eBay

Found these 2 good books at a local garage sale. The author, Yvonne Mason, is a registered bounty hunter in the state of Georgia but now resides on the Treasure Coast in Florida. The Brilliant Insanity book would probably fall under the crime novel genre.
Picture of Stan's Story and Brilliant Insanity
Two books by author Yvonne Mason
Picture of front cover of Stan's Story BookPicture of inside of Stan's Story showing inscribe

I have not gotten a chance to read both books yet. But my young reviewer who also an aspiring writer has read Brilliant Insanity in one day and loved it. Also did not hurt that some of the places mentioned in the book are local. I will probably have her write a separate review of the book later on here.
Also the inscribes are different dates in the book and addressed to the same person.
The book is listed on my eBay listing.

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