Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rise of the Guardians movie memorabilia 4 Pack Pin Set w/ Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians 4 Pack Pin Set movie memorabilia
Rise of the Guardians 4 Pack Pin Set
This is a very popular movie and I only found 1 of these laying around. This the Rise of the Guardians 4 pack pin set based on the characters from the movie. I have not seen the movie yet but based on all the memorabilia it must have been something good, right? Anyhoot, I have placed this on my eBay listing for anyone still looking for these. Makes great birthday present for the young fan at heart.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kensington 6 feet ComboSaver Combination Laptop Lock

Picture of ComboSaver Red Lock
Kensington ComboSave Notebook Lock
I found this buried in my piles of clutter. This never been opened Kensington ComboSaver 6 feet red notebook lock. It has a few dents in it but the product has not been compromised and the box has not been breached. A couple more pictures for your viewing below. I have this item listed on eBay with free shipping.

Back Kensington ComboSaver unopened box
Top of Kensington ComboSaver lock unopened box

As of April 5, 2013, this item has been SOLD SOLD SOLD!
You can still search on eBay for the Kensington laptop lock.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Author Yvonne Mason inscribed book for sale on eBay

Found these 2 good books at a local garage sale. The author, Yvonne Mason, is a registered bounty hunter in the state of Georgia but now resides on the Treasure Coast in Florida. The Brilliant Insanity book would probably fall under the crime novel genre.
Picture of Stan's Story and Brilliant Insanity
Two books by author Yvonne Mason
Picture of front cover of Stan's Story BookPicture of inside of Stan's Story showing inscribe

I have not gotten a chance to read both books yet. But my young reviewer who also an aspiring writer has read Brilliant Insanity in one day and loved it. Also did not hurt that some of the places mentioned in the book are local. I will probably have her write a separate review of the book later on here.
Also the inscribes are different dates in the book and addressed to the same person.
The book is listed on my eBay listing.

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Finding treasures on the Treasure Coast...garage sales

So along with selling all my old belongings from yesteryear past, I like to check out local garage and yard sales. Also with the economy the way it is, there are plenty of businesses shutting down and selling all their inventory at mad discounts. In that case, I usually don't buy unless they are discounted pretty cheap. Somewhere like about 90% OFF and more. This week hopefully I will be able to put these items up on my eBay for sale or auction.
I have book collections, toys, collectible DVDs/Bluerays, movie posters, couple of boxes that have never been opened and even more Rise of the Guardians keyrings.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What do you get when you combine Angry Birds and Star Wars?

Picture of Angry Birds Star Wars Wacky Bobble Heads
Funko Angry Birds Star Wars Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Heads
So I saw these interesting combinations in the store. Who woulda thunk of this? Kind of creative marketing when you think about it. At the time I purchased these 2 I did not realize there was another one to make it a complete set. That's because if I wasn't paying attention on the back that pictures all of them as a set. But that's OK I am going to get rid of these and start over and sell the ones I have for now.
Listed on my eBay account for sale.

Picture of Angry Bird Stormtrooper Wacky Wobbler
Angry Bird Stormtrooper Wacky Wobbler
Picture of Angry Bird Darth Vader Wacky Wobbler
Angry Bird Darth Vader Wacky Wobbler

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage 80's Apple ImageWriter II printer

Apple ImageWriter II Printer 
So I finally listed my Apple ImageWriter II printer on eBay. Wohooo! I have been holding onto this thing for so long. Partly because I just knew my Mac LC II was still working and I would be able to hook it back up and use it again. Yeaaah right! So the old Mac gave out on me. I will try to figure that out later. Right now I do not have a way to hook the printer up to another Apple and send it commands. But it does take power and can perform a self-test successfully. I posted on craigslist looking for someone that does have a compatible old Apple and will allow me to hook it up and run some commands to it.

This is a video of my Apple ImageWriter II from the 80's. Hope it finds a nice place in an Apple museum. Here are more pictures of relating to the sale of my Apple ImageWriter II printer from back in the day:
Box that kept Apple ImageWriter II printer
1 side view of Apple ImageWriter II printer box
Box that kept Apple ImageWriter II printer
Top view of Apple ImageWriter II printer box
Box that kept Apple ImageWriter II printer
Box that kept Apple ImageWriter II printer
Box that kept Apple ImageWriter II printer
1 side view of Apple ImageWriter II printer box showing the famous Apple Logo
Those are the original boxes that the Apple ImageWriter II printer came in and as you can see it has pretty much stood the test of time so to speak. It is a little faded and dusty. Been stored and kept away for literally years! Is anyone else starting to feel a little Apple nostalgic? Well it brings back memories for me because this was the first printer I owned and this was right about when Apple was peaking and micro computers were starting to get popular in American households. This is really a piece of history and the hardware is still functional. Unfortunately, it is not TCP/IP compatible :) so you may not be able to connect this to your cloud these days.
Inside box of Apple ImageWriter II
Apple ImageWriter II printer sitting between 2 Styrofoam holders
That is the original Styrofoam holders and they are not chipped, ripped or torn in anyway.
Apple ImageWriter II original 5 1/4 Diskettes
Original Apple ImagWriter II 5 1/4 diskette for Apple IIe computer

So here is where it gets interesting. I have 2 manuals for the Apple ImageWriter and one looks different. The manual that is not white must be the first printer model. I don't recall fully if I owned it before the 1 I am selling. I remember using 1 like that in the computer lab at the then Stephanis Boys Club in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Picture of Apple ImageWriter II printer manual
Apple ImageWriter II Owner's Manual
Dot matrix printing paper
Dot matrix printing paper used for Apple ImageWriter II printer

As of 4/1/2013 this item has been sold from my eBay listings. 
You can find some Apple ImageWriter II Printer Ribbons for sale online.
Or search eBay for Apple ImageWriter II printers for sale.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rare Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians - movie keyring merchandise

Rise of the Gaurdian Keyring
Front of Jack Frost key ring
This item falls under my more recent finds that I will not have any personal use. It is the character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians.

Back of Jack Frost key ring
Although I do like to collect movie memorabilia from popular movies. As you may have read from my earlier posts and website I listed Karate Kid 3 movie banner and the Batman (1989) movie posters.
This can be included in a child's Easter basket or collect all of them and give as a birthday or Christmas present.

Sorry this keyring has already been SOLD SOLD SOLD! But I will have more Rise of the Guardians keyrings including a set with Jack Frost. Keep checking my eBay To Go page.

Search for Jack Frost Rise of the Guardians merchandise on eBay.

As of 4/19/2013, I do have other Rise of the Guardians keyrings movie merchandise on eBay. 
And one set does include Jack Frost.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What happened to Halo 3 Collector's Edition

Halo 3 Collector's Edition
Halo 3 Collector's Edition
I wrote on here a while back that I had an unopened copy of Halo 3 Collector's edition game for the Xbox 360. I was finally able to auction it off and got some of its value back. But hold up wait a minute. The buyer was not happy with this purchase. Don't you just hate that? Me too! In the true spirit of good customer service I have offered a refund for the full amount. The buyer explained it looked as if the game went through some rough handling. Which it may have been but not by this seller. The game disc in the box was loosened and you can hear it moving around inside the box. After doing research online, I did discover that this edition for some reason had problems with the 2 game discs. A Wiki article about Halo 3 confirms this within the article itself. It states, "...a defect in the hub that kept the discs in place.". And that Micro$oft confirmed this defect. Oh well such is life. Hopefully, I can get the disc back and verify if it still works. If it does then I will play it until I can defeat it and hopefully try to sell it as used this time.

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The day after St. Patty's Day. Disney, Leapster and Disney/Pixar

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick's day. I didn't get a chance to participate as much as I would have liked but maybe next year will be a better year to do so. 

Leapster Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 Leapster
So far I only got a chance to post 2 items for sale on my eBay page. The first item is an educational game by Leap Frog. Leapster's Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 educational game for ages 4 - 7. I found this at a local garage sale. The owner was actually advertising his sports memorabilia card collection more than anything. But after browsing around for a few minutes I stumbled onto this treat which has never been opened and thus not used. However, there is a small tear on the front from ripping off the sticker. I have not had a chance to see how the Leap Frog games work so I can not give my opinion on the game or learning experience itself. For those who are a fan of these learning systems check this one out. According to the Leapster World site, it is compatible with Leapster 2 and Leapster 2.

Disney Dream Desk Game Controller
Disney Dream Desk Game controller
Continuing with the Disney theme I have this USB Disney Dream Desk game controller. This is still in the plastic box and has not been opened and used. It was a little dirty and so I cleaned it up a little. Definitely has some shelf wear to it. I do recall game controllers being hooked up to PCs which allowed some functionality with an installed software already on the PC. But this one seems to have the games within the controller itself.
On the package it states that it is compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000 and XP. Being in the I.T. industry I know that there are plenty of people still using these older systems lol. But this may be able to work on any Win32 system who knows. Maybe someone will email me and let me know!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The porcelain sisters

The porcelain sisters
No I don't play with dolls. But I sure like to collect collectibles. And that's why I still have these 2 little cuties. People actually collect these and put them on display and name them and pass them on to the next generation. I am talking about porcelain dolls baby! They initially were still in the original box unopened and uninterrupted. But as time went on and things get tossed around unexpectedly, the box feel apart and only 1 still has her original paper work. I am not sure how valuable these dolls are without their certificate of authenticity but only 1 remains. I will still post these on my eBay account for the lucky person that will find some value in these 2 cuties. Should I sell 1 or both together? Really hate to see these 2 sisters break up.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Solar Power kit: the alternative energy source

Picture of Solar Deluxe Educational Kit unopened
Unopened never been used Solar kit
Well at least I hope mankind can harness energy from the sun more efficiently than we do with energy produced and consumed on planet Earth. So I found this kit at good ole Radio Shack. I was in there originally to buy a lithium battery. I have an Apple Mac LC II that was not powering on and I really wasn't sure if it was a malfunction within the hardware or just simply the lithium battery was dead. Heck! I had the thing since probably late 90's and never even had to replace that battery. But anyway I digress. So I started looking around just to see what kind of kits that had in stock. I'm into learning Solar and how to get off the grid type of guy. At least in theory for now. I believe in it so much I bought a domain name hack: It's not a full working website yet but I do have aspirations. So this kit which has an age range starting at 8 was bought to inspire not just me but anybody who would find it interesting. I am still interested but because of my busy schedule I am going to have to hold off on some of my solar aspirations. Forgive me.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Here today...gone yesterday!

So gone today are the following: the Karate Kid 3 movie banner featuring characters played by Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, Halo 3 Collector's Edition, and the Trios RX-910T3 hard disk drive selector. The Batman (1989) movie posters sold as well but I am awaiting to receive the invoice back from the buyer.

I am actually happy to #getridoftheclutter that has been just sitting around and collecting dust for some time. Throwing them in the trash can would not do them any justice. Some of these items in the right hands could be put up in a museum some where. I'm just saying. Well I hope that each buyer can get as much use out of them as much as I did not.

R.I.P. Karate Kid 3 Movie Banner
R.I.P. Never been opened Halo 3 Collectors Edition

R.I.P Never been opened Trios RX-910T3

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What to sell next?

I still have not decided what I should sell next on my eBay listing. It's not from a lack of things to sell either. I still have some items did not sell at all from over a month ago. I may try and re-list them and see if I can get a buyer. Seems like the books are harder to sell on eBay unless they are vintage, rare, collectible or has the autograph of the author in it in some capacity.

Top of Apple Mac LC II
I also still have the hand carved African masks from Kenya that I have not listed yet.  But I do have plenty of computer items remaining. Such as my Apple Mac LC II with Monitor, mouse and 2 Apple keyboards and an Image Writer printer I used with my Apple IIe computer before it was stolen from a storage I had in Tampa, FL. There are some peripherals I still have from just regular PCs that are not in use. If I cannot sell those then I will give them to the recycling man. A couple of porcelain dolls that were boxed up but the packaging has not kept over time. These dolls still look good and have not been moved out of the original container and stand.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Karate Kid 3 movie banner poster bid

Karate Kid 3 Movie banner
So the Karate Kid 3 movie banner has a $.99 bid so far and with 1 day remaining. I think it is actually priceless but hey what do I know? I guess to me right now it still has some sentimental value to it because it reminds me of growing up and working as a teenager at the movie theater. These days seems like teenagers don't want to work just sit on Facebook all day and tag each other in photos. Nevertheless, I hope this banner ends up in a good place.

Vintage magazines

If  you are into collecting retro magazines or some potentially collectible magazine issue, then I may have what you want. I cannot believe that I have held onto Atari Age and Apple InCider for so long. I actually have read each issue of them too back when they were first published. And to think I wasn't even in high school yet. The issue with Barak Obama and the Entrepreneur magazines are both sealed in the original plastic that they were mailed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trying to #getridoftheclutter

While surfing the Internet I ran across another site kind of similar to mine. The site,, chronicles John Freyer's (Iowa City, Iowa) journey through selling all his belongings via eBay. I discovered that site after starting There are some similarities to both our websites and stories. For instance:
  1. We both used/using eBay as a method for selling all our belongings. 
  2. The items start at $1.00. Meaning we are not really placing a value on the item just merely trying to let the public decide how much someone else's crap is worth to them.
  3. Blogging about each item as we depart with it.
I could go on and on but the point is this isn't new. In fact, it's probably old by now in Internet years. I think people (me included) do it this way may consider it therapeutic. It's like you get to personally escort all the "weight" out of your life. Whereas, some people can just #getridoftheclutter cold turkey style.  I guess either method is OK as long as it works for you!

Spring cleaning time...

More "Spring Cleaning" ahead. Feels like I am just getting started with selling everything on my eBay listing. I am sure everything won't sell and what does not sell will either get donated to Good Will or some favorable charity or recycled and trashed. It's time to #getridoftheclutter. 

I still have a bunch of books, some vintage computer magazines such as Apple's InCider from back in the 80's.  I even have an Apple Mac LC II and an Image writer printer. The Mac LC II was working at one point now it takes the power but does not turn on.

In very good condition Braun Tassimo coffee maker

If you know me, then you know I like coffee. But time to move on to less expensive brew and get rid of the BrAun Tassimo coffee maker. She has had her run and is still kicking. So some lucky owner will be happy with this used but act like she new coffee maker.