Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Batman 1989 The Joker and Batman movie posters

So I found 2 other movie posters that I actually bought with my hard earned money as a teenager back in late 80's. These 2 movie posters are about the Batman movie back in 1989. The first poster is The Joker played by Oscar winner Jack Nicholson. That poster is still sealed in the original plastic that it was shipped to the movie theater.
Batman (1989) The Joker movie poster

The 2nd Batman (1989) movie poster is that of Michael Keaton dressed in the Batman suit on the poster by himself. Unfortunately, this does not have the plastic cover on it any longer as it was broken and eventually peeled off. It looks a little worn on the edges but it is not ripped or torn. The poster does not even appear to have been opened at all.
Batman (1989) Michael Keaton as Batman
These Batman 1989 movie posters have been SOLD SOLD SOLD already.

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