Monday, February 25, 2013

So much stuff....

What do you do when you come to a point in your life where you have collected so much stuff or just simply have stored it away in a storage facility and never to see or touch it in years? Some people would just simply toss it out in the trash when they got ready to clear out the storage site. Others, would sift through their belongings and give it away to an organization such as GoodwillThe Salvation Army or some favorite charity. Perhaps there is a family member or close friend that may need some of the items especially if they included clothing.

Fortunes of junk
Snap shot of items

But what to do with those nostalgic games, movie posters, childhood books, loved ones jewelry or other items passed on after their death? These are some of the challenges I have been faced with after cleaning out my storage and not throwing away most of the stuff. I could create a museum to chronicle my life but then who would really care?

More fortunes
More snap shots of items
So what looks like a pile of nothing may actually have some value to someone somewhere in the world. Indeed, my first yard sale did allow me to offload most of my PlayStation and Xbox games and consoles. I think I will continue on that route along with selling items on eBay when seem fitted.

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