Monday, February 25, 2013

Posters, Books and Magazines. Oh, my!

I have so many books to get rid. I was able to trade-in some to Amazon with what they will accept. But for compensation they only issue an Amazon gift card. Which is not bad if you are able to save up and buy something off your wishlist with them :). The library of books I have collected over the years range from Computer related to history to African-American history to Sci-Fi.

On the movie poster side, I have posters I collected while working at the movie theater as a teenager dating back to late 1980's as well. Some of these I bought, like Batman (1989). Other posters I acquired, such as The Fly, were given to me after the movie left the theater. Don't think I will get much for those but would be nice to get some value back on them.

As far as the magazines are concerned, I have some vintage Apple inCider magazines lying around I will need to get rid of as well.

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